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After two hours of spending my life’s saving on clothes, at the Edinburgh Premium Outlets, my stomach told me to ditch the clothes and grab some grub. I love eating more than shopping, so I second that motion, and began my exploration for munchies. Around the outlet you can find the usual fast-food and dining restaurants. My taste buds wanted to try something new and a couple rounds of Crown Royal to wash it down with. The only place that stood out was Montana Mike's Steakhouse, so I ventured in.

The place was packed, which is always a good sign. The hostess greeted me and I got right to business, "I'm headed to the bar." She pointed me in the right direction and I was on my way. As soon as I sat, an attractive bartender greeted me with a smile and menu. I order a crown and coke and she was on her way.

The atmosphere was outdoorsy like a Bass Pro Shop. The bar was designed like a wood cabin. Stuffed wolves, wild turkeys, and other woodland dwellers caught my eye. The scenery didn't hold my attention for long, four big screens were showing the Eagles game.
When the bartender returned with my drink, I put in an order for their Campfire Shrimp appetizer. The food came fast and looked divine. The spicy and sweet sauce set those shrimps off. It was a good enough portion to slightly fill me up.

After two more drinks, I asked the bartender for her opinion on what to have for dinner. She suggested the ribs and the pork chops smothered in barbeque sauce. Since it’s hard to find good pork chops, that's what I ordered, with a side of broccoli, mash potatoes and gravy. That bartender did not let me down. The sweet barbeque sauce on those two pork chops were devilishly good. Both sides were also very tasty. At the end of the meal I used my rolls to lick up the plate.

After a couple good conversation and another drink, I was ready to bounce. The bill was lower than I expected.
Montana Mike's Steakhouse is Laugh Think Eat certified.

Location: 3720 Market Pl Dr, Edinburgh, IN 46124

By Michael Higgins Jr.

​​​​EAT 10/18/2015 12:01 am ET
A taste of Montana in Indiana
Montana Mike's Steakhouse review in Edinburgh, Indiana