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​​By Michael Higgins Jr.

​​​​THINK 10/18/2015 12:01 am ET
Easy Side Money
Making money doing mystery shopping

​​​​​Have you ever wished you could make extra money, without going out of your way to get it? I have the perfect solution for you and all you need is a smart phone and a bank account. The hustle I'm suggesting is mystery shopping using Easy Shift or Field Agent app's. These apps are easy to download, sign up, and operate.

Mystery shopping can be performed on your way to work, coming from work, while shopping, or you could make a day out of mystery shopping. Most of your mission will be performed at your favorite shopping locations. Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, local gas stations, restaurants, and many other locations are waiting for your help.

To complete missions you will have to select a job, start the job before time expires, take pictures, select answers, report what you noticed, then upload your report. The more missions you complete, better paying jobs and more location will appear on your app. You'll be paid via PayPal or direct deposit within 2 weeks. If your unemployed, now you can employ yourself. If you have a job, this can be your icing on the cake. Now download those app's and get on your grind.
Easy Shift is a Laugh Think Eat certified hustle.