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When I'm in the Naptown (Indianapolis) there is only one BBQ joint that I go to and that's King Ribs. While driving on west 16th Street, smoke from the grills can be spotted from a block away and you can smell their greatness from twice that distance. If you decide to go through the drive thru (Yes, I said drive thru BBQ) you will see their chefs cooking on the grills.

No matter if you sit in or drive thru, the quality of the service and food remains spectacular. My personal favorites are rib tips or a slab of ribs with mild sauce. They also serve other dishes other than ribs, but I'm stuck in my ways.

With one of a kind sweet barbeque sauce, tender off the grill ribs, and family friendly prices; King Ribs is a no brainer when I'm in the mood for BBQ. King Ribs is not far from downtown Indianapolis, so grab you a slab and enjoy your night.

King Ribs is Laugh Think Eat certified.

3145 W. 16th St. Indianapolis, Indiana

​​​EAT 10/18/2015 12:01 am ET
Sweet Meat Drive Thru
​King Ribs review in Indianapolis, Indiana

​​By Michael Higgins Jr.