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Have you ever questioned where your life is heading? No one knows for certain, but your habits could give you a good idea. With that being said, this week’s power word is HABIT.

Some people have the habit of investing, a reasonable portion from every pay check, towards an investment that will get them closer to financial freedom. Others have the habit of seeing their dope man after work. Some people wake, yawn, wipe the coal out their eyes, and head to the gym. Others wake, stretch, and look forward to finding out how jacked up their community is through the perspective of the news cast.

Imagine the outcome of applying these habits for five years. What profit could be gained from check to check investing? What is the physique of the, day in and day out, gym rat? I see a bright future for someone with these habits. The opposite can be said for the health of a drug abuser and the paranoid daily viewer of the News.

Habits can take you to great heights or hell on earth. I have seen a young woman with an appetite for five-star education, quickly rise to the level of hospital manager and professor at an ivy league university. I have also known a guy that loved rock star living, committed felonies to stay in the lime light, and the outcome was 3 years behind bars.

Your time should be measured out and well calculated, if you want a certain result in life. A family man's schedule should reflect his vision of a loving family. Someone that doesn't plan on going to jail chooses a suitable occupation and friends who are like minded.

I have two great quotes to end this week’s Powerful Words blog. A smart woman told me, "Your budget is a reflection of your habits and planning." And the great Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." So, change a habit today, to create a brighter future tomorrow.

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Powerful Word!!!

By Michael Higgins Jr.